reform teachers


Sally Pidskalny, BS.
Pilates Teacher

Sally loves to teach people to move through life with more ease and confidence. Sally was trained at Pilates Conditioning and Rehabilitation of Spokane, (Elizabeth Jones- Boswell) in 2005. Sally has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years. She grew passionate about Pilates while working as a Radiologic Technologist and saw the many back injures that could have been prevented if they knew and understood Functional/Therapeutic Pilates. Sally herself has Scoliosis which she now manages by practicing Pilates. She has a BS in Health Science and has completed many continuing education courses such as Advanced Spine by Polestar Pilates , and Spine movement with Sheri Betz. Sally has also attended the Rehabilitation conference by Balanced Body, focusing on Pilates with Pilates Instructors and Physical Therapists.
Sally teaches all levels of Pilates and is a firm believer that Pilates is a progressive method that is meant to be challenging while the movement is focused and precise using flow and breath. She loves to see the positive effect Pilates has on her clients;not just for the workout, but for their everyday lives. Sally teaches Privates sessions, semi-privates, equipment classes, and mat. She is a true lover of fitness.

Jeanna Oyler
Pilates Teacher

Jeanna was first introduced to Pilates in 2000 while working as a personal trainer in Eugene, Oregon. She started as a student taking privates in a studio on her own three times per week. She fell in love with the movement and knew right away she would need to go for her teacher training. Jeanna chose Polestar for her Pilates training and got reformer trained in 2001 in Sacramento, California. Jeanna graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon in 1999. Jeanna’s love of movement and the human form has given her a lifetime of experience via expressive movement and academia resulting in an innate understanding of form and function. After a big move and a few children later, Jeanna went back for her studio training (which includes all Pilates equipment) again choosing Polestar in 2009 in Kansas City. Jeanna stays current with her membership to the PMA (the Pilates Method Alliance) and keeps up with her continuing education. She is currently working on her advanced teacher training with Polestar taking courses such as patho-kinesiology of the lumbar spine, scoliosis, and advanced assessment

Michelle Turkenburg, BS.
Pilates Teacher

Michelle Turkenburg has a BS in dental hygiene and after 28 years decided to take a different path for helping people with their health. She discovered Pilates 6 years ago and became so inspired by it she studied to become a certified instructor in mat, the reformer, and the Cadillac. "Pilates is like no other exercise you will ever do. I have done aerobics, kickboxing, weight lifting, spinning, and other activities but none have given me the awareness of individual muscle use, mind body connection, or feeling of power that Pilates has given me. It is my desire to give my clients the same passion for Pilates that I have found in a fun, knowledgeable atmosphere.”

Kellie Baker
Barre Teacher | Pilates Apprentice

Kellie began attending classes at barre cda in 2012, she immediately fell in love with the work. She furthered her education by completing the Booty Barre instructor training in March of 2014. She has developed a love for barre because of the focus it brings to posture and proper body alignment, as well as the attention to the small, stabilizer muscles which make it much more than just a workout. She has continued to advance her knowledge and love for mind-body control with movement by becoming a comprehensively (Cadillac, chair, reformer, ladder barrel, etc.) certified Pilates instructor. She was certified in 2016 through the Lolita’s Legacy Training Program. Kellie is, also, a Certified Pilates Teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance.  She believes that you can never have too much knowledge when working with the body.  She is currently enrolled at NIC applying to the Physical Therapy Assistant program.

Tina St Croix
Barre Teacher | Pilates Apprentice

Tina began as a client at barre cda in 2012, and decided to become an instructor in 2014. She is certified in Booty Barre, and is currently training for her Comprehensive Pilates certification through the Lolita's Legacy Teacher Training program, as well as achieving an association with PMA (Pilates Method Alliance). Tina finds the benefits of her practice has helped her find peace, while improving her posture, muscle definition, and flexibility. Tina finds it a privilege to share her passion with the community. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle has been a lifelong pursuit of hers, and she looks forward to helping others improve the way they live.

Jamie Knott
 Yoga Instructor

Jamie encourages that yoga be approachable for all lifestyles, levels of experience and body types with a focus on deepening body awareness and alignment. She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (RYT 200). Propelled and inspired by her own practice and its transformative effects on her health, she completed her first training at Yoga Garden San Francisco. She is motivated by her teachers, love of action sports, and the active members of her community. She strives to make yoga available to those who seek balance in their physical as well as mental activities

Brandy Kramer
Barre Teacher-

Brandy has been a fitness instructor/personal trainer for almost 10 years. She earned her BS in Exercise Science and Wellness at Bastyr University in 2006. She has taught a wide range of classes including boot camp, spinning, and weight training. Brandy received her certification in Booty Barre in 2013. She has also been a licensed massage therapist for over 13 years, and believes that Health and Wellness is a lifestyle.

Megan Beach
Barre Teacher

Megan's love for fitness has been a driving force in her life. After 2 years of attending barre classes with Kelly Pintler, she decided to pursue teaching. She completed her certification under Booty Barre in March. She has, since then, been working to further her credentials in fitness and expand her knowledge of the body, muscles, and proper movement. Her goal is to help motivate others to achieve a healthy and strong body while learning proper movement mechanics