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We are a fully equipped Pilates studio offering private training, as well as mat and reformer classes. We have a great team of teachers and apprentices to meet your individual needs.
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Experience |Expertise | Excellence

We are a fully equipped Pilates studio offering private training and group classes on the pilates reformer. All of the Pilates teachers at Reform Studio are certified through accredited programs.  Pilates is designed for all ages and fitness levels, and is a great cross-training option for athletes and cross-fitters.

Sally Pidskalny, BS.
Pilates Teacher

Sally loves to teach people to move through life with more ease and confidence. Sally was trained at Pilates Conditioning and Rehabilitation of Spokane, (Elizabeth Jones- Boswell) in 2005. Sally has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years. She grew passionate about Pilates while working as a Radiologic Technologist and saw the many back injures that could have been prevented if they knew and understood Functional/Therapeutic Pilates. Sally herself has Scoliosis which she now manages by practicing Pilates. She has a BS in Health Science and has completed many continuing education courses such as Advanced Spine by Polestar Pilates , and Spine movement with Sheri Betz. Sally has also attended the Rehabilitation conference by Balanced Body, focusing on Pilates with Pilates Instructors and Physical Therapists.
Sally teaches all levels of Pilates and is a firm believer that Pilates is a progressive method that is meant to be challenging while the movement is focused and precise using flow and breath. She loves to see the positive effect Pilates has on her clients;not just for the workout, but for their everyday lives. Sally teaches Privates sessions, semi-privates, equipment classes, and mat. She is a true lover of fitness.

Jeanna Oyler
Pilates Teacher

Jeanna was first introduced to Pilates in 2000 while working as a personal trainer in Eugene, Oregon. She started as a student taking privates in a studio on her own three times per week. She fell in love with the movement and knew right away she would need to go for her teacher training. Jeanna chose Polestar for her Pilates training and got reformer trained in 2001 in Sacramento, California. Jeanna graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Oregon in 1999. Jeanna’s love of movement and the human form has given her a lifetime of experience via expressive movement and academia resulting in an innate understanding of form and function. After a big move and a few children later, Jeanna went back for her studio training (which includes all Pilates equipment) again choosing Polestar in 2009 in Kansas City. Jeanna stays current with her membership to the PMA (the Pilates Method Alliance) and keeps up with her continuing education. She is currently working on her advanced teacher training with Polestar taking courses such as patho-kinesiology of the lumbar spine, scoliosis, and advanced assessment




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